Charity Clear Payment Processor

The problem: PayPal:

Some time ago we took the decision to review our payment processing options.  Basically, we wanted to improvet he way we took payments from our  Charity Clear Logocustomers.  We felt that PayPal alone was not enough and really a lot of customers complained about us using them as a primary option to make payments.  Personally, we have found PayPal okay but we do understand a lot of unethical and unprofesional sites use them so we understood why our customers were not happy.  In some cases refusing to buy from us until we offered them another method of payment!   We have always offered bank transfer for customers who for various reasons, normally around security, don’t like entering card details. This bank transfer proved to be a surprisingly popular option.   Sadly though,  it is not for everyone – especially as not everyone has internet banking and well, it can just be slow and problematic accepting payments this way.  What we needed is a method that is instant and doesn’t have the poor reputation that Paypal has  with some of our customers.

The solution: Charity Clear

However, if we were to replace PayPal as the primary payment method of choice we wanted a reliable and easy way for our customers to make payments.  We looked around and found company called Charity clear who were offering this service, however there is a twist – they are donating all of their profits to charity.  So every time we sell an item on our site some money goes to a charitable organization.  We felt this was a compelling reason and we now feature them as our primary method of payment.  To be honest, we couldn’t be happier as our customers have had lots of success with making payments – in fact we have had not problems whatsoever – touch wood!