2005 Wow! How we have changed since then…

Princess Sparkle First Launched in 2005. When we set about setting up the site we were a little cautious as there weren’t many people selling bridal accessories on line back then, especially not things as intricate as tiaras- we were one of the first. Anyway this is how we looked back in 2005. Don’t laugh I think every thing looked that bad in 2005.

Yes, pretty sparse looking and a weird little cartoon icon. What were we thinking? Interestingly though, even back then we were bucking the trend of using white backgrounds for the photos for our products and switched to black. Using black backgrounds because it really contrasted really well and is easier on the eye. So customers got a good feel for what they were buying – really essential when buying jewellery.

So in summary Princess Sparkle 2005, good prices, good service, good photos… bad web site.


Welcome to 2008

Well of course Like all things on the internet nothing stays still for very long. So a new era and a new bunch of designers. So as 2008 progressed Princess sparkle looked like this. A little less sparse but, well still very 2008 and very blue! I wonder if the guys who did the site still design web sites or are doing something more suited to their talents 😉


2011 The year we went dark

Then come 2011 we went black. Much subtler that any of our previous designs and it proved to be the site where our designers really got to grips with the class and quality of what we were selling and how we wanted our site to reflect this.


Princess Sparkle 2012

However, Although this looked nice we found that it made the photos and text harder to read. which meant we wouldn’t keep this theme for very long and a time for a change.

Now is 2013 where will we be in a few years?

Finally 2013 we have this design which is where we are right now

Princess Sparkle 2013