Accessories Inspired By Your Favourite Flowers

Amanda Wyat Daisy Tiara

As we head further and further into winter the glorious summer days filled with sunshine and flowers seem a long way off. So here at Princess Sparkle we have decided to remind ourselves of some of our favourite summer flowers and to keep it on topic we have picked out some gorgeous accessories inspired by them.


Daisies conjure up images of fresh glorious sunny days of our childhood – so what better way to celebrate daisies than by wearing one for your wedding.
You can do this with this adorable example from Amanda Wyatt Amanda Wyatt 1014 Daisy Inspired Example
Amanda Wyat Daisy Tiara


As a famous poet once remarked Pansies are expressive of grace, delicacy and tenderness. The pansy is such a beautiful flower why wouldn’t you want to wear one on your big day? We have picked out a pansy themed piece Jenna Crystal Pearl
Pansy  Jenna


The anemone is a lovely dainty flower which appears at the very start of spring and as such it often used to represent new beginnings and youth. With this in mind what could be a more appropriate flower to wear on your big day as you start out on your big adventure.


The camellia is an elegant bloom and its petals have such beautiful symmetry making it a a perfect example of a flower to be worn by an elegant bride.

The Rose

No collection of flowers could possibly be complete without a mention of the ever lovely rose – we here at Princess Sparkle think you really can’t beat a rose for elegance, romance and poise. So here we have a rose inspired example