Plagarism is the sincerest form of flattery, but..

Over the years of running a bridal store we have had to deal with countless challenges, including copyright theft, fake reviews, fake orders, constant undercutting, forgery and well, lots of downright naughty tricks from the competition.

This is the latest and definitely the weirdest challenge so far though, this time someone is hijacking our site and passing it off as their own!  Yikes! that’s taking it a bit far.

Someone going by the name of “evening bridal shop” has started impersonating us. Now I suppose you might say it is flattering but regardless of whether it is flattering, it is definitely misleading and well, to be honest suspicious.  We can’t allow this and we are investigating and issuing a take down notice. However, in the mean time we want to notify customers that  the only domains that are “official” are or Anything resembling eveningbridalshop is fake and not to be trusted.

We will keep you posted on how we get on with our investigations and the outcome.


Hello, it as been a while since we wrote this note – but we did eventually get rid of them.  We issued multiple take down notices and eventually stamped them out.  It took a while though – at least a year.  However, it looks like they have gone for good (touch wood) as we have not seen them pop up for several months now.  Of course now we have taken the plunge and updated the post sounding the all clear we will find they are at it again :/