Zaphira Bridal The New Name for Princess Sparkle!

zaphira the new name for princess sparkle

Zaphira Bridal The New Name for Princess Sparkle!!

It has been a long time coming but we are excited to announce that we have finally taken the plunge and had a rebrand here at Princess Sparkle, or Zaphira Bridal, as we will be known going forward.

We will still be keeping the name Princess Sparkle visible both on the site and in communications as we receive a high level of customer recommendations and do not wish to confuse anyone looking for us and also want to keep customer confidence that we have built up over the years in our brand.

We feel after much thought and deliberation, that over the nearly ten years since we started our website that our product had changed substantially and ‘grown up’ if you like, along with our average customer. Our name has served us so well in the formative years, when we sold lots of inexpensive tiaras for bridesmaids, flower girls and proms etc, with the emphasis on style on a budget.

Although we still, and always will, strive to offer the finest quality and style at the best prices possible, the name Princess Sparkle just does not properly represent the fabulous, eclectic and sophisticated collections we are now proud to be associated with and to offer to the discerning modern bride.

Now that we have evolved and grown up we feel that a new name, more befitting the beautiful, high quality wedding and occasion accessories we now offer, is in order. So, welcome to Zaphira Bridal by Princess Sparkle. We hope you love the new name as much as we do and here’s to another successful and sparkling 10 years X