Stanga Strapless Panties-Say Goodbye to VPL!

Stanga Strapless Panties

Stanga Strapless Panties!

Us girls have no doubt all experienced the horror that is the VPL (Visible Panty Line) at some point in our lives. VPL is the hideous effect that knicker elastic can have when it cuts into our hips, bottoms and thighs, giving us lovely little rolls of fat that we didn’t even know we had! The dreaded VPL can occur at any age and on any size woman and has nothing to do with being overweight (although it sure makes you feel that way!) Whether it be skinny-fit jeans or slinky summer dresses VPL can strike when you least expect it and ruin the look, and sometimes even the comfort, of your outfit.

Now while Visible Panty Line is obviously never desirable at any time the absolute last time you want this to happen is on your wedding day. If you are wearing a wedding dress in a very lightweight fabric such as chiffon, especially if the dress is close fitting or bias cut, VPL can be a particular problem. It may even stop you from wearing the gown you actually want to wear as it can ruin the look of this type of dress so easily. Let’s face it nobody wants a lumpy looking bottom or hips captured for eternity in their wedding photos!

Well girls, worry no more, the solution is just a click away. The fabulous people at Poirier, distributed in the UK by wedding lingerie experts Jupon Ltd, have been designing underwear and shapewear for decades. Specialising in bridal underwear solutions they have created Stanga Strapless Panties, the worlds first and only strapless panty.

This innovative piece of lingerie is self adhesive and is designed to be totally invisible under clothing and due to the fact that it is ‘strapless’ it negates the use of lateral elastics which cause the unsightly bulges known as VPL.

The Stanga Strapless Panties use a new generation adhesive which has been specifically designed to hold the panties securely in place whilst being incredibly gentle to remove (be assured ladies, removing the Stanga panties is not akin to waxing, we swear!)

The Stanga Strapless Panties are fully washable with warm water and therefore reuseable. They are available in a choice of colour; Ivory,  Black and Skin-tone and in sizes small medium and large.

So ladies, what’s stopping you? Check out the Stanga Strapless Panties and free yourself to wear anything you like without the fear of the dreaded VPL. What VPL, I hear you ask!!