Card Stream / Charity Clear Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


Here at Princess Sparkle we have used lots of different payment providers to take payments from customers.  One we rate the quite highly is called Charity Clear.  We found they are about right for a small to medium sized provider whose turn over is measured in thousands rather than millions!

If you use WordPress to run your store and you want to use Charity clear (or CardStream) as payment provider like we have then you will need a payment module.  Since we had to write a module  for our use we are sharing it here with you. Its free, and of course comes with no warranty :).

Since Charity clear uses CardStream as its provider you will find it works well if you you use CardStream direct.

 Download  and Install


  • Download the module from the git hub page. You can either use the git tools or from your browser
  • Unpack/Zip: The module should be unpacked and placed in the appropriate modules directory. Generally this is the wp-content/plugins directory found under your wordpress install.


  • Enable: Enable the module by going to admin/modules and enabling it. It is found under the Commerce – Payment modules group.